Leader in overcoming the climate

The DIM Ice plant supports various ice and cold water facilities for concrete, poultry, clams, leisure (artificial snow), vegetables, fishery product freshness as well as processing and meat processing based on the hardware and software enabling high-quality ice and cold water and we develop and supply coolers for office, factory, cattle shed, etc. that can dramatically reduce cooling electricity use.
Based on our ideology that emphasizes human environment, based on the environment friendly design that strives for operational convenience and no pollusion, DMI Ice plant has been manufactured with the design that realizes usability, functionality and productivity so it can conserve energy as well as produce high quality ice or cold water and wind and even realizes high durability of the plant.
Based on our rich experience and best engineers, we can supply not only DMI standard plant but also the latest customized ice, cold water and wind plant that reflect your requirements. Aso, we can supply all necessary auxiliary equipment needed for all processes in one-stop by designing, manufacturing and installing the series of processes such as ice manufacturing, storage, transportation, measurement and packing, etc.