DMI concrete mixing plant

design is the result of having made suitable for raw materials, climate and other local characteristics. We have made the best, most efficient product and put more efforts to ensure it operates and maintains with the lowest expenses.
Quality of DMI asphalt mixing plant will become better starting from the design and raw material procurement and all employees of DIM will perform limitless research and development for quality improvement until our customers are satisfied. We will make perfect products for customers, considering good workmanship and high quality.
DMI engineers will design customized layouts reflecting customer satisfaction to proceed with production and installation in one-stop and change and transform layouts according to site conditions to support production of high quality asphalt concrete.


The AGG supply hopper is either above or underground structure, stores and supplies large capacity and applies an air-pressure gate for accurage measurement so the material supply is accurage. Also, depending on the climate condition, it has either a heating or a cooling equipment installed. The AGG scale bin applies electrical load cell 3-point type to guarantee accurage measurement in a short time so it shortens operation time to maximize production.


For the cement, capacity and types can be selected and used depending on the applied models and ready-mized concrete uses.
A 3-point type electrical load cell is applied to the cement scale bin and for the measurement and release value, a value for particulate material is installed to guarantee accurate measurement as well as durability of the value.


Depending on the A.D. customer, we can add and use many tanks.
The A.D. measurement bin prevents over measurement and injection based on the patented technology of DMI to guarantee the production of high-quality ready-mixed concrete.


All transferred materals are designed, produced and installed for fast and accurage transportation through the transferring unit applied based on the material charateristics and site conditions in order to mass-produce high-quality ready-mixed concrete.
The tranferring method is consisted of belt conveyor, vertical elevator, VJAVM, air-pressure transferring units, etc.


It guarantees excellent mixing quality even in a short time and has the design for optimum arrangement in minimum space and shows excellent performance in various construction sites such as nuclear power plants, big scale bridge construction, dam construction, high-rise apartment construction, airport runway construciton, etc.
The ready-mixed concrete discharge unit can be supplied by designing customized equipment depending on the construction site conditions such as truck loading, secondary product production line loading, direct pumping in case of off-shore construction.


Most advanced control system with durable electric system.
Complete electric device system and plant control system are controlled via Window system screen, with high level of visual reliability and user friendly operation. With proven control system, smooth and trouble free operation in Manual, Semi-automatic and fully Automatic mode, any service or trouble shooting can be done via remote controlling with internet connection