Customer Support

We are ready in various areas to solve your problems as fast and accurate as possible with our engineers based on our rich site experience. We operate our professional service personnel to make sure your plant can realize the latest production capacity.

Engineer training service

We offer an excellent program that can train your engineers into a plant professionals from the first moment we meet each other to provide all technical transfers from installation, maintenance and operation.

Technical support service

We support you to make sure you can execute your project successfully by supplying products with the best productivity and durability by designing your plant efficiently to suit your project when designing a plant.
For power and control parts, we apply the best control to ensure the plant performance is maximized and supply to ensure safe work environment and high-quality products and can provide support remotely anywhere in the world.
Through maintenance and plant upgrade, we can transform your plant into the latest plant with the minimum cost and time to increase the value of your valuable assets.

Spare parts support service

We are doing researches so we can finish your projects with the minimum spare parts and when spare parts reach the end of your life, we operate a spare parts support service system to save your valuable time and money.
For information needed when using spare parts, please use the e-mail or hot line.