We will continue to produce advanced equipment to keep up with the globalization.

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As your partner, we are building a new civilization all over the world.
DMI Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, and specialized in Asphalt Mixing Plant & Concrete Mixing Plant manufacturing.
We are supplying the best quality plant with ISO certified quality control system. From 2008, we are operating asphalt concrete & ready-mixed concrete manufacturing company to study from the point of view of the customer.

DMI’s Asphalt Mixing Plant, DMAP has been improved to get over severe heat in the middle east, sandstorms in the desert and the intense cold in Siberia. Consequently, it became a reliable brand with the most various product lines.
If there is a road, we can suggest to you the most suitable plant on site.

Concrete Batching Plant,
DMBP is equipped with a high performance mixer developed by DMI R&D team, and has cutting-edge technology for manufacturing high-strength concrete and other special concretes. For manufacturing special concrete to use in public works, for moving frequently at the site, for house construction sites in the city, we can offer a customized plant for your needs. Our effort for R & D will show excellent performance in your construction site. We always do our best to make DMI plant the mascot of your construction site.
It is a great honor for all of the DMI members to meet you.


DMI Co., Ltd. has been the most innovative
manufacturer and supplier of Asphalt mixing
plants and Concrete batching plants since 1989.

This company invested in technical development to meet the strict quality
standard under rapid industrialization in South Korea and was able to
grow rapidly together. This DMI’s persistent efforts for quality has been
recognized around the world and been connected to export to the world.

DMI has developed Asphalt mixing plants and Concrete batching plants
equally and it makes DMI have balance for each product line for
asphalt and concrete.

DMI is ready to provide the best solution when you need and
will be the best partner.

DMI Sejong factory asphalt concrete Division DMI established a factory in Sejong for asphalt concrete production and sales. DMI Sejong factory is equipped with the advanced and best facility to distribute the best quality asphalt concrete to our customer. We always do our best to develop the best quality asphalt concrete.
So our customers will be able to pave roads and streets with high quality asphalt concrete.